Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Shoot Part Two

I love getting great pictures of my niece and nephews. It takes a little time to capture them but they look awesome once you get the shot. Since Jon won't help me take pictures I think I am going to get a tripod because I have all these shoots I want to do before it gets too cold. He is recovering from a septoplasty so maybe in a couple of weeks I will try to get him to take them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Shoot With My Niece And Nephews

This week I had a shoot with my sisters and their children. It was fun but frantic since we arrived at the cotton field later than expected. We had probably less than an hour before we started losing the light so we quickly shot the  pictures.

This is Luna my younger sister Rebecca's baby. She is 5 months old and a little cutie.

Then there is Eli my older sister Jessica's baby. He is 10 months old and very chubby and cute.
Matthew is my older sisters child.. Now two he is growing up so fast and he loves his aunt Rachael. He is the sweetest toddler I have ever been around. He always wants my attention and loves to play cars with me. He was the hardest to photograph because he just wants to run around and I had no clue how to change my camera setting so he wouldn't be blurry. Luckily I got a few clear shots. We are planning on having another shoot this Saturday since we didn't get to use all the props I had..
I loaded the car with a cute round table and chairs along with bird cages and other things. Maybe I should start practicing with the camera and maybe start doing pictures. Since I have been in love with photography for years now.