Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New York

The view from our room
I haven't posted recently because I was busy Christmas shopping and then I went to New York City last week. It was my first time to visit NY. it is so noisy. All night cars were honking and sirens were going off..

In front of one of the Macy's display windows. They were really cool.

The Macy's in NY is 9 stories. We went there every morning to shop and we still didn't see all the merchandise they had! I did enjoy all the shops they had in NY.

The Macy's display window 

My look for the NY City Nutcracker Ballet.
I love going to ballet's and it had been over 15 years since I had been to one. I was so excited to go see the Nutcracker. They ended up cutting out my favorite part. I think it was the Russian dance. I remember watching how high the guy ballet dancers would jump as a kid. It was just amazing.
I had my nails silver tipped at the nail salon in the hotel.

Carlos Bake Shop Aka The Cake Boss.
Mackenzie Child. They had the coolest stuff.
I want to decorate my future candy shop like this..
The Louis Vuitton display window

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