Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins ~ Gluttony Photo Shoot

I had yet another amazing shoot with Addie Talley. She was shooting the seven deadly sins. I was gluttony the bunny. I loved the location that we shot at and it has me wanting to shoot my Alice theme there but we are in the process of moving so I think I need to hold off any shoots until we get settled into our new home. It was really weird seeing myself as a bunny. The vintage gritty look of the pictures makes them look outstanding. Right now I am liking the vintage shabby chic picture effects, clothes and everything else.
Go check out the rest of the series on Addie's blog here


  1. Rach these look sooo Cute! Please keep the updates coming.

  2. Thanks! I am so busy moving and unpacking but hopefully I will have another shoot soon.